Why Does Having Flexibility and Stability Matter? | MyLife Podcast

There’s a lot of talk of flexibility, stretching, mobility, stability which all sounds really great!
A lot of our members spend time stretching after CrossFit classes, trying to gain extra mobility which is amazing, and is definitely something that if you’re training regularly, weightlifting, doing cardio or CrossFit classes you should absolutely be doing after each session

In this episode:

  • What is flexibility?
  • What is stability?
  • Why you need more of both
  • How do you get more mobile and get better at doing movements?
  • How does more flexibility and stability help your life?

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We help people get Stronger, Healthier and Happier for life.

We as a group of gyms and coaches want to really help people, with their health and fitness, and help them outside of the gym too. Taking what they learn, mentally and physically and be able to apply it to the rest of their lives.

We work with up to 150 people at a time in each our gyms, and want to use this podcast as a way to help our members further by educating. Outside and beyond the content that the whole coaching team put together every week.

By doing that, the things we are going to talk about will be helpful for those that maybe aren’t training with us right now, maybe training with us in the future or may never train with us directly. But, we want to help people get STRONGER, HEALTHIER and HAPPIER.

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