How do we do CrossFit, at CrossFit Central London?

CrossFit can be approached from different ways, to help different people, with different goals in different ways. CrossFit can be for anyone. CrossFit isn’t always the best solution for everyone and every goal.

How do we approach CrossFit?
What is our north star?
How do we help our members reach their goals through CrossFit?

We help our members get stronger, healthier and happier for life! We help our members reach their goals, and get the results that they’ve always wanted by talking about what their goals are, then plotting the path to achieving them.

Talk to a coach today about your goals, and the best plan to help you reach them
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How to create your protein cheat sheet

You want to achieve your wildest dreams, whilst feeling strong and full of energy. Sweet! Let’s make eating protein second nature and then we’ll be

The language we use matters

Whether that’s the way you speak to yourself, you speak to others, or your coach speaks to you. I’ll often think hard about how I


Talk with a coach about your goals, get the plan to achieve them.


Take the first step towards getting the results you want!

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