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You've probably arrived here because you've read about CrossFit and you're intrigued, or like the majority of people who walk through our doors, you know someone who's CrossFitting somewhere around the world and you want some of what they've got: Weight-loss, confidence, strength, fitness, improved health & wellbeing, or you just want to look amazing naked :-).


We know that at first glance everything we do looks pretty scary. Don't worry, everyone feels like that at first, you're not alone. I guarantee we've had older, less fit, less mobile people than you start changing their lives. Our oldest athlete is a 79 year old grandmother, who started training at 77, and had a cancer op last year!


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We run CrossFit Central London because we love seeing our athletes and friends looking better, feeling better and constantly achieving things they thought impossible when they started. All it takes is the courage to come in for a free look around and a chat. Click 'Start here for free', or contact us with any questions at