Our Story

Brian studied Physiology at Westminster, Clare was a Zoologist with a masters from Liverpool Uni.

Brian started doing CrossFit around 2006/7 after finding someone talking about it on a blog. This led to several weeks of enthralled video watching and finally an attempt at a CrossFit workout in a local globo (high street) gym had him hooked. After a while, it became fairly obvious that a high street gym was not in anyway suitable for functional training so they imported some equipment from the US and started training in their garage (this was not great for the garage roof, which leaked until it was replaced).
Brian went over to Santa Cruz in January 2008 to take the CrossFit Level 1 course. CrossFit Central London opened in London Bridge in May 2009, and was the first dedicated CF gym in London. CFCL moved to its current location in November 2009.
CrossFit Vauxhall opened in 2013, continuing the mission to improve the quality and quantity of life and teach the skills and habits necessary to keep yourself healthy and capable.
Ten years later, Brian and Clare still love the community, the functional training and the life changing results.