The incubator

Your training journey starts with our Incubator program: a step-by-step OnRamp to a healthy life

The Incubator program is designed to be immersive. All options include an amount of one (PT) on one training plus 50 days of unlimited Beginners classes and 50 days of unlimited open gym. There are three options:

The Incubator Lite,  5 x half hours of PT and costs £299

The Incubator, 5 x 1 hours of PT and costs £599. This is the minimum recommended option if you haven’t been coached on barbell and gymnastics skills before

The Incubator plus, 10 x 1 hours of PT, costing £999. This is the gold standard, the more coaching you get the quicker you improve

If cost is a limiting factor, start on the Incubator lite. Starting is more important than perfection.

If you want it, we’ll take before and after photos and take weight and body measurements (biometrics).

The one on one sessions are aimed at teaching you key skills and benchmarking you across as many of the 15 measures of fitness and work capacity as we can get through in the PT time available. This gives us a clear idea of where point A is when we talk about goal setting at the end of the Incubator process.

The Incubator & you, how the Incubator breaks down:
50 days is around 7 weeks.

Week 1: Start Beginners classes
Meet your coach for Biometrics and an initial goal setting session. We’ll start asking you about goals, action steps, nutrition, sleep, stress and recovery. The Incubator program is not an intense nutritional coaching program, that is the next step after the Incubator for those who want and need it. Here we’re trying to keep things simple and make small changes that add up to big wins.

Weeks 2-6: The next 5 weeks will be a mix of attending as many Beginners classes as you can fit in (and you are recovered enough to attend) plus PT every week so your coach can see how you’re getting on, address any problems you’ve encountered and keep you accountable.

Week 7: Classes + final goal setting and biometrics.

A good class progression is 3 in week 1, 4 in week 2 and 5 a week thereafter. Add PT on top of that, you can see why we’re going to transform your fitness. We want you to hit at least 30 classes + PT.

After 50 days, you will:

Be looking and feeling a whole lot fitter.

Review your progress with your coach & discuss what support you need regarding your training and nutrition moving onwards

It all starts with the Incubator: a short (but very focused) seven weeks of fitness and nutrition coaching from the best in the business!

Six week Incubator