There are 4 ways to start working with us:

  1. Jump straight into classes, this is the cheapest and the quickest way to get started. The upside is cost, the downside is not everyone thrives without more support, and despite everyone being super friendly and the coaches lovely, a CrossFit gym can be an intimidating place for a newbie. Take a look at incubator program
  2. Start one on one with a coach. This is tailored, individualised coaching delivering the results you need. The success rate is very very high, but the downside is cost. PT works best for people who might not be ready to jump into classes or for whom classes do not align well with their goals.
  3. An Incubator program. These are a hybrid of PT and classes with some awesome extras thrown in: We start with before photos and biometrics, then we go through 5 hours of one on one PT with your coach. The coach will teach you what to do and then benchmark you on those skills to see where you are. You’ll have a discussion about which are meaningful to you and then your coach will give you an individual training program to help you improve on them. The Incubator programs come with unlimited classes and unlimited open gym. At the end of the program we retest the meaningful measures of success and see how much improvement you’ve made. We then retest your biometrics to check for change in body composition and then take after photos for you.
    We have options that are just movement and training and options that include nutrition packages.
  4. Start a stand alone nutrition package. We will look at your current nutrition and work with you in a step by step client led method to help you improve your nutrition and health whilst avoiding overload

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Jump Start: £498, Billed weekly for 6 weeks at £83 per week

Accelerator: £778, Billed weekly for 6 weeks at £130 per week

Super Charged: £1218, Billed weekly for 6 weeks at £203 per week

Before and after photos
Before and after
weight and body fat
composition measurements
5 intro 1:1 PT
Training sessions
Initial goal setting
Individual program designed to achieve your primary goal
Up to 15 Strength and Fitness
Benchmark Tests
Priority Email and
Text Support with your coach
Personal Goals and
Accountability session
Unlimited Group
Fitness Classes
Unlimited open gym sessions
1:1 Private Nutrition
coaching session
Custom Nutrition
Macronutrient Prescription
and Tracking
Weekly Nutrition
12 Additional Personal
Training Sessions
book your no sweat intro today

book your no sweat intro today