Stevie Raine

Stevie Raine

Stevie started his coaching life doing seasonal work instructing school groups in grass routes taster sessions in outdoor activities such as archery, climbing, abseiling, quad biking and many more.

In 2000 he decided to specialise in open canoeing going as far as working as part of a river team on the Ardeche River in France where he achieved his Trainee Level 3 Coach standard as well his 4 star in personal paddling. Not happy with mastering the art of the paddle he moved on to sailing where he specialised as a windsurfing instructor working in the South of France and Spain.

He holds a BSc Hons in Sports Health, Exercise and Nutrition from Leeds University and while studying he took his first sporting love, Muay Thai boxing, to the next level by training with the renowned Bad Company Gym under the tutelage of Kru Richard Smith and soon became a sought after coach and go to padman within the gym. At the end of 2004/2005 he went to Thailand for three months, trained solidly and fought out there representing Jitti Gym.

He came to London in 2005 to study acting and to cover his costs he worked as a freelance Thai Boxing Coach teaching people 1:1, an outdoor fitness bootcamp instructor and a nutrition specialist for Lucozade when they were sponsoring various running races around the country.

Due to Stevie being a raging thespian, there is never a dull moment when he’s in the gym and his style of coaching has been described as ‘extremely effective’ and ‘unbelievably camp’: a killer combination!

First WOD: My first WOD was ‘Angie’, I don’t remember how it went, I must’ve banished the memory to a dark part in my mind! I’ve managed to tame the beast since then though and she ain’t so scary no more!!

Favourite WOD: ‘Annie’, it’s me Ma’s name and I’m an absolute don at sit ups and Double unders.

Least Favourite WOD: Too many to choose from, I suck at lifting and have puny shoulders so I’m gonna say Diane!!

What is your guilty pleasure? Boy band music and Strawberry cheesecake Haagen-Dazs…both at the same time if I’m really treating myself

What is your favourite wind-down or relaxation? Going to the cinema, I have an unlimited card and it gets abused!

What is your biggest achievement? Winning my episode of Total Wipeout!

Stevie currently holds the following qualifications and certifications:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Endurance Trainer
  • BWLA Level 1
  • BSc Hons Sports Health, Exercise and Nutrition