Marcel Wallace

Marcel Wallace

Marcel’s first experience of coaching came at age 18 when he decided to take a year between school and university, to pursue his passion for football at the time and worked as a community coach for Arsenal Football Club. After a mixed 12 months with Arsenal, Marcel wasn’t convinced he had found his calling as a football coach and continued down the conventional route and on to university.

After first discovering CrossFit in 2012 while living in Geneva, Marcel moved back to London and continued CrossFit at CrossFit Central London where he continued to develop as a CrossFitter and rediscovered his passion for coaching. Marcel has been coaching at CFCL since December 2014, taking particular interest in Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit-specific gymnastic strength preparation.

First WOD: Can’t actually remember, but first one I distinctly remember was “death by burpees”, which must have been my second or third ever. Pretty brutal, simple but awesome at the same time.

Favourite WOD: Not because I love the WOD format or the movements, but because I remember the great training atmosphere, I would have to say “Hotshots 19”. I did it back in September 2013 with the core training crew at CFCL and everyone was buzzing after – nothing like blood, sweat and chalk to bring people together.

Least Favourite WOD: Anything with wall balls. So I guess ‘Karen’ is the worst.

What is your guilty pleasure? I’m half Italian, so put pizza and gelato in from of me and I’ll make it disappear. Also training to Taylor Swift, but also I’m not guilty about it, everyone enjoys a bit of T-Swift

What is your biggest achievement? Every time I manage to cut weight for a weightlifting meet. No ice-cream for a week is a big sacrifice!

Marcel currently holds the following qualifications and certifications:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • BWLA Level 1
  • UK Gymnastics Level 1
  • FA Level 1 Coach