What Our Customers Say?

  • Aleksandar Angelov

    I have nothing less than huge thanks to everyone from CFCL!


    "Personally I started Crossfit following serious inflammations in my knees caused by long-distance running. This got me out of training for more than a month. Coupled with bad timing of an unsuccessful relationship and a tough start to a new job all hitting me pretty hard! However, I got immensely motivated from working along all you guys and girls who push their limits on a daily basis, and from being coached by inspiring individuals, who need nothing else but to see you taking on their feedback to make them happy! J I have witnessed all the investment made and events organised over the last few months and truly believe the only way is up, there will be more people joining and the club will keep growing! Wish you all to stay strong and healthy, and as coach Matt would say, keep making all kinda of gainz!"

  • Matt Wagner

    My initial worry in jumping in wasn’t around my physical limitations...


    "My journey with Crossfit started in May 2014 when I admitted to myself that I was investing a ton of time in being successful at home and work but I wasn’t investing anytime in myself. This resulted in being less successful in home and work as I realized I couldn’t do a number of physical things with my kids (6 and 7 years old at the time) and had less overall energy, both physical and mental, at work. A number of my friends in the States were doing or coaching Crossfit – they are my age and I saw the results. In doing research, I really liked the varied movement aspect of things – this was very similar to my football (American) training during High School and University. I also LOVED the aspect of functional movement as this is what I needed at home and work. My initial worry in jumping in wasn’t around my physical limitations, I knew I had/have a long journey ahead, but more around the coaches, other members and overall attitude of the box I was choosing – was I walking into the attitude of the hipster working at the cycling or outdoor shop who snubs their nose at anyone who can’t do what they can and/or the ultra-competitive meathead…or a combo of both? My worry was gone within the first couple of sessions – CFCL truly is a community who support each other – both coaches and other members alike. You build relationships with coaches – their focus on safety and quality then rolls into knowing when they should push you and also back off a bit, both equally important. Other members are extremely supportive and genuinely happy to see each other succeed."

  • Laurel Mackie

    I started Crossfit when my child was a year old...


    "I moved away from London a couple of years ago but I loved CFCL. I started Crossfit when my child was a year old. The only time I could fit workouts in was at 6 am... and they were great. I kept turning up for 6 am classes because the energy and the camaraderie made me feel joyful and strong. The coaching at CFCL is so focussed and honest that it helped me progress quickly. I shocked myself by learning to climb a rope in one session: my coach took the time to show me different techniques until one worked. I got to the top, which felt amazing! I'm moving back to London in a few weeks and I hope our new flat is close to one of your boxes. My child is 3 and a half now and I want him to see me be a strong, capable mamma. Crossfit is a good way to ensure that."

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