If you are interested in finding out how we can help you look better, feel better become fitter & stronger, healthy and happy please book a free No Sweat Intro.

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The Incubator: your first 50 days of training mapped out and made easy
All Incubator options come with:

  • 50 days of unlimited Beginners classes + 50 days of unlimited open gym, value £265
  • Three meetings with your assigned coach
  • Before and after weighing and measurement
  • Before and after photos
  • One meeting with a qualified nutritionalist
  • 50 consecutive days of workouts
  • 50 consecutive days of lifestyle challenges

The difference in options comes down to how much one on one coaching (PT) you want.
The more coaching you choose, the faster you improve.

Incubator Lite with 5 x 1/2 hour PTs £299
Incubator with 5 x 1 hour PTs £599
Incubator Plus with 10 x 1 hour PTs £999


Personal Training
1 x 60 minute session, £75 10 x 60 minute sessions, £675 20 x 60 minute sessions, £1275
1 x 30 minute session, £45 10 x 30 minute sessions, £405 20 x 30 minute sessions, £765
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Single drop in class for group classes like CrossFit, Strength, Kettlebells, Endurance etc.
1 x group class drop in £15
1 x group class drop in + medium t-shirt £30
1 x group class drop in + Large t-shirt £30
1 x group class drop in + XL t-shirt £30
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Group classes: CrossFit, Yoga, Strength, Weightlifting, Kettlebells, Gymnastics, Endurance etc.
Contract Duration Options
9 sessions a month 13 sessions a month Unlimited Classes.
1 month contract £130 £165 £265
3 months, paid monthly £120 £155 £250
6 months, paid monthly £108 £139.50 £225
12 months, paid monthly £102 £132 £213
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Open Gym
1 x 1 hour session, £10 5 x 1 hour sessions, £35 10 x 1 hour, £60 1 month Unlimited sessions, £80
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All unlimited memberships come with unlimited open gym sessions.
All memberships are dual locations
Book and train at either CrossFit Vauxhall or our sister gym, CrossFit Central London, no extra cost.

Contracts are all dual location, Central London (Southwark) and Vauxhall.
All our memberships are anytime (no peak or off peak).
The lunchtime sessions are 45 minutes. All other classes are 1 hour in length.
All contracts are paid monthly and renew automatically. Discounts are available if you wish to pay up front,  however, there are no refunds for contracts paid up front, if you wish to cancel a contract early, there is a 1 month buy out for 3 month contracts, a 2 month buy out for 6 month contracts and a 3 month buy out for 12 month contracts.