Visit CrossFit Central London

You MUST follow the steps below otherwise you will not be able to train – sorry. Please also note the following conditions of training with us:

  • Due to our class sizes and timings however, we can only accept pre-booked and paid drop-ins in our classes. There are some restrictions on what classes you can attend, they are listed as members only on the schedule. Regrettably we cannot accept cash payments on the day.
  • Attending a class is the only method of training we offer, we do not currently have open gym sessions and therefore you will not be able to follow your own programming.
  • If you turn up without an advance booking, which has not been paid for in advance, then please do not be offended when you are turned away and unable to train.
  • Our drop-in fees are: £15 per person, per class, £30 if you wish to pre pay for a T-shirt, saving £5

We hope you understand that we are not trying to be difficult, we just want to ensure that the boring admin stuff is done before you arrive so that you can come and WOD with us with the minimum of fuss on the day.

You are welcome to book open gym or group classes, purchase links are below

In advance of your visit – please follow these 3 simple steps – thank you:

Step 1

To train in our box you need to complete and sign our waiver in advance

Sign Here

Step 2

Please book your space and pay for your selected class (£15)

Book Now

Step 3

Please turn up at least 10 mins before your booked class to: sign in, get changed, meet the coach and then WOD

See Classes

Single drop in class for group classes like CrossFit, Strength, Kettlebells, Endurance etc.
1 x group class drop in £15
1 x group class drop in + medium t-shirt £30
1 x group class drop in + Large t-shirt £30
1 x group class drop in + XL t-shirt £30
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Open Gym
1 x 1 hour session, £10 5 x 1 hour sessions, £35 10 x 1 hour, £60 1 month Unlimited sessions, £80
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