Strength Classes

What separates winners from losers?
With all else equal in sport, strength is the deciding factor for success in sport. Strength dictates how much you can lift, how powerful you are, how explosive you are, how fast you are, how robust you are, your ability to recover from injury and overall just how awesome you are.

It takes tremendous strength to catapult a weight from the floor to overhead as seen in Olympic lifting, likewise to perform acrobatics on the gymnastic rings, or to out jump your opponents. Regardless of your sport or occupation, increasing your strength will allow you to increase your performance and therefore success rate. Not involved in sport? then strength training is still a sure way to increase your overall health and decrease injury risk. The side benefit of looking good is also appealing to some.

The Building Strength sessions are designed to effectively implement fundamental movement patterns and increase both their efficiency and overall strength.

It’s common for members to achieve their first push up, pull ups and hit PB weights within this environment.
Wherever your starting fitness is, there is an optimal pathway for you to follow.

book your no sweat intro today

book your no sweat intro today