WOD Classes

The Workout of the Day, or WOD, is what CrossFit is all about. Each class is led by one of our coaches and starts with a warm up to get your blood flowing and muscles ready for work. Next comes a skill/speed or strength session where you work on a particular lift or gymnastic movement to improve your strength and technique. Then the real fun begins with the WOD itself. These are high, intense workouts, usually lasting between 10 and 20 minutes, all designed to push your strength, cardio-respiratory fitness and endurance.

Encouraged by the coaches and the rest of the group you will learn to push yourself. It is hard work, and that’s why many of the fittest people on the planet (in our opinion!) are CrossFitters.

There is no typical WOD really. We take elements of gymnastics, Olympic lifting, compound strength movements, plus mono-structural activities such as running, rowing, and skipping, and blend them into workouts. The only constant is that every day the duration, exercises, format and how heavy the weights are varies so your body never gets used to the demand to adapt.

Every WOD is completely scalable, so you can adapt your own workout to maximise your potential. Remember the only competition is with yourself and to be better than you were yesterday, and don’t forget that everyone will progress at different stages and levels depending on their background and ability.


We organise all our classes by levels, which are defined as follows:

Level 1: Beginner (less than 6 months experience)

Following on from the Foundations Course and Beginners Classes, this is the first Level that all members will progress too. The programming is scaled with light weights and reduced volume to reduce the chances of injury and excessive muscle soreness.

Level 2: Intermediate athlete (6-18 months experience)

Familiar with, but hasn’t mastered all of the barbell and kettlebell lifts or basic gymnastic movements

Level 3: Advanced athlete (18 months+ experience)

High level of skill in all barbell, kettlebell, and basic CrossFit gymnastic movements (we’re not going to judge you if you don’t have a Maltese Cross down!)

We have two coaches on duty on the all level classes, so everyone gets looked after. Beginners will have a coach dedicated to skills training.