Endurance at CFCL is led by Coach Gregg McLeod:

Gregg is a serving Army Officer with over 15 years military and fitness experience. With two tours of Afghanistan, experience with the US and UK Special Forces, and countless exercises, Gregg is no stranger to pushing the limits of the human body. Completing the All Arms Commando Course at the Royal Marine Training Centre, Gregg earned the coveted Green Beret in 2011. Gregg was introduced to CrossFit in 2008 by a US Navy SEAL while working at Fort Smith, Arkansas, and joined CFCL upon his posting to London in 2011. Gregg is a CrossFit Level One coach, a Level Three Personal Trainer (Level Four in 2018), and marathon runner with 14 marathons all over the world, most in fancy dress. Oh, Gregg also enjoys wearing a sequinned Union Jack dress; but it does look good on him (would you tell him differently?).

AM Endurance (Aerobic Capacity): Focussing on the most important muscle in the body, the heart, this class will test, and train, your anaerobic and aerobic system to improve your overall cardiovascular endurance. This one hour session will be a mix of CV, bodyweight, gymnastics, and light-weight workouts completed with high-intensity intrinsic motivation. If you want to torch fat, improve your MetCons, and have more energy, this is the class for you. If you’ve not heard of EPOC, then you’ll get acquainted during this session.

Endurance (OCR Training) Do you want to tackle Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Rat Race, or any of the other gruelling Obstacle Course Races? Or maybe you just think you have what it takes to be a Commando?
Lead by British Army Commando and Green Beret, this class will bring together knowledge and experience from the British Army, the Royal Marines and UK Special Forces, to guarantee this is the most challenging Endurance session we run. This is basic fitness taken to the point your body wants to quit and only your mind keeps you going. WARNING: This class will push you to your limits; if you don’t want to know your limits, don’t sign up. 90 minutes.

Endurance: (Heroes, Girls, Dice, and white powder) This may sound like a great party, but the powder’s chalk, and the girls are mean! This is our random session! One week it may be a 10km best-effort row! The next week could be Murph or Fran followed by Diane. It could even be a run through London with burpees at Buckingham Palace, star-jumps at the Shard, and push-ups at Parliament. This session sticks to the true CrossFit rule of being constantly varied and on a Thursday evening lasts 90 minutes! More time = more fun!