Beginners Classes

In every class, we will:

  • Warm you up
  • Mobilise you
  • Teach you skills and get you stronger
  • Teach you more skills and use them in a workout
  • Stretch and mobilise post workout

The skill, strength training and workouts will start you on the path to becoming fitter, stronger and more awesome. Most people will be in the Beginners classes for two or three months, some much less, some more, as everyone moves at their own pace.

The Beginners program covers all the skills you will need to pass the test and progress into the Workout of the Day (WOD) classes. We presume that your only exposure to CrossFit will be in our Foundations course.

Test out:

There is a formal ‘test-out’ to progress from the Beginners Classes into WOD class, nothing too daunting, just a demonstration of competency on the basic movements.  The test is downloadable from our community FaceBook page so you can print it off and tick off the skills as you learn them.

Why beginners classes rather than all level classes?

The benefits of beginner athletes being in a Beginners class are that it is far more effective to coach a single ability level. Beginners need to be taught everything (usually several times), we cannot presume people will have any skills when they start. Advanced athletes need to be coached to improve what they already know. In Beginners no one feels pressured into going heavier than they should do to maintain perfect form and the programming is aimed at the needs of athletes in their first three months.

Find info on WoD classes here