Jo Carniello

Jo Carniello

Having spent many years in the corporate world after graduating Jo was looking for something to help keep fit and active. She first stumbled upon Bikram yoga when she wanted to lose weight for her wedding! Not long after she went on teacher training and since then practiced and studied other styles of yoga

Jo started competing in yoga in 2013 and looking to gain strength and stability in her postures she turned to CrossFit. It wasn’t long before she got hooked to CrossFit and really started to see the benefits of it in her yoga practice. Jo (and Ky) started yoga mobility classes mid-2014 and enjoy applying their yoga knowledge to help athletes stay mobile and increase their range of motion to help with the lifts and bodyweight exercises.

First WOD: ‘Cindy’ it was a bit of a blur to be honest!

Favourite WOD: ‘Chelsea’ – a WOD like ‘Murph’ where all the movements are done in one set are too much for me! Which is why I love Chelsea, it’s broken up into rounds so makes it actually doable! It is still incredibly challenging as it’s many reps but the sense of achievement is incredible!

Least Favourite WOD: ‘JT’ I’ve done this WOD twice and all the pushing moments really get to me – Handstand push ups, Ring dips and push ups. My arms feel like jelly afterwards!

What is your guilty pleasure?: carbs carbs carbs – rice, pasta, noodles, potatoes you name it!

What is your favourite wind down or relaxation?: an intense (which sounds counter-intuitive for relaxing!) yoga class. The feeling afterwards is amazing. My joints feel less achy, my mind is much clearer

What is your biggest achievement?: representing the UK in the International Yoga Sport Championship in 2014

Jo currently holds the following qualifications and certifications:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer