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Unstoppable program:

The unstoppable program is the best way to achieve your goals.
Unstoppable starts with 10, one hour, one to one training sessions with your dedicated coach for life. You’ll learn the basics of proper movement technique and be introduced to the importance of nutrition and sleep. Each session will include skill work, strength elements and a workout, they are great fun and you’ll get to know your coach

Benefits of the Unstoppable program:

  • Gets you started one on one. Classes move at your pace with sessions tailored to your needs and abilities. Nothing scary, no stress, just you and your coach.
  • Your coach becomes your coach for life, your point of contact, your guide on your fitness journey.
  • You’ll work with your coach setting clear and challenging goals.
  • We will help you include training and mobility into your daily life
  • You will be kept accountable for putting in the agreed amount of work
  • Your coach will give you programming for individual, unsupervised practice
  • All Unstoppable memberships include unlimited classes meaning you can add in a yoga or Endurance class at no extra cost
  • All Unstoppable memberships include unlimited open gym, so you can book a space to practice your new skills
  • Free workout tracking software & app

Unstoppable, Hybrid memberships:

Whatever level you are at, our range of prices and packages are sure to feature something that works for you.

Our monthly hybrid memberships vary from £295 to £500+ for our most comprehensive programs. All Unstoppable Hybrid memberships are a mix of one to one personal training, unlimited classes and unlimited open gym.
These memberships provide a range of options suited to your schedule, availability, and fitness goals

Standard program:

Start in Beginners classes, until you to become competent in the basics. For most people, this is usually about 3 months. Beginners classes are usually capped at 8 people and are made up of a warm up, skill/ strength work and a workout. At the point you and your coaches think you’re ready, there is a small demonstration of movement competence to graduate into the Workout of the Day (WoD) classes.


Contract Duration Options
3 x Unlimited Unlimited Hybrid
3 months, paid monthly £155 £250 from £324.50
6 months, paid monthly £139.50 £225 from £295
12 months, paid monthly £131.75 £212.50 from £288
Hybrid memberships quoted include 1 x hour of PT per month, more can be added at extra cost

Contracts are all dual location, Central London (Southwark) and Vauxhall.
All our memberships are anytime (no peak or off peak).
The lunchtime sessions are 45 minutes. All other classes are 1 hour in length.
All contracts are paid monthly and renew automatically. Discounts are available if you wish to pay up front,  however, there are no refunds for contracts paid up front, if you wish to cancel a contract early, there is a 1 month buy out for 3 month contracts, a 2 month buy out for 6 month contracts and a 3 month buy out for 12 month contracts.

Special offers

10% Discount

We offer a 10% discount for emergency services and military

All memberships are dual locations

Book and train at either CrossFit Vauxhall or our sister gym, CrossFit Central London, no extra cost.

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